Last Updated: 05 November 2018

The domain name (henceforth referred as "Website") is owned by DreamLadder Capital Private Limited (henceforth referred as “DreamLadder”, "Company", "we" or "us"), incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013. Users of our website, means “any person” or “visitor” or “registered user” (henceforth referred as “you” or “user”) who views, browses, accesses or uses our website.

User should read this page along with the other legal documents (Privacy Policy, terms & conditions and Disclaimers) appearing on the website and is referred as the “Investment Service Agreement” (henceforth referred as “Service Agreement”).

1. If there is any conflict in the “terms & conditions” with the previous oral or written communications, the terms of use of our website & services mentioned in the “Investor Services Agreement” would supersede.

2. By accessing our website or using any of our services, you accept, without limitation or qualification, the “Service Agreement”. Mere use of our website shall be construed as your intent to contract with us and shall constitute your binding obligations, with us.

3. Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme-related documents carefully. You understand that the past results of a mutual fund are not a guarantee to its future performance.

You acknowledge the following statements:

4. You agree that by clicking on the “I accept” checkbox, you are having a legal contract with DreamLadder Capital Private Ltd, which is equivalent to signing of the agreement.

5. You have applied for an investment account after understanding the nature and scope of services provided by DreamLadder Capital Private Ltd.

6. Your identity for our services is authenticated by the “Login Credentials” (email address & password). Hence, we will consider any instruction (including that for investment) authenticated by your “Login Credentials” to have been originated from you.

7. The operation of your investment account and the execution of instructions are subject to this “Service Agreement”, DreamLadder’s “Terms & Conditions” and “Offer Documents” issued by the respective AMCs.

8. You agree to authorize us to communicate with AMCs and other authorized service provider on your behalf for financial or non-financial transactions executed under this agreement. You also authorize us to verify Aadhaar number from UIDAI (with a condition that your biometrics will not be stored or shared with anyone) or validate KYC status from KRAs to comply with the regulatory requirements.

9. You agree that DreamLadder will verify your information from KRAs or any relevant authority to meet the KYC guidelines issued by SEBI from time to time.

10. You agree to provide accurate information for creation and maintenance of your investment account. We will not be responsible for your financial loss (notional or otherwise) because of false, inaccurate or incomplete information provided by you.

11. You agree that DreamLadder has taken due care and our advice is true to the best of our knowledge. However, it should not be the sole basis of investment decisions. You need to seek independent financial planning, legal, accounting, tax and other professional advice before making any investment or withdrawal. We shall have no liability for any discrepancy in any such information or assistance.

12. You agree that you have read the instructions about the cut-off times and minimum investment amount etc before investing in the Mutual Fund units. You also agree that DreamLadder may specify cut-off times earlier than the times specified by the AMC/SEBI.

13. You agree that DreamLadder will not be responsible for any bank charges/fees imposed due to non-maintenance of minimum balance in your account or for services like NEFT/IMPS/RTGS or for any other reason.

14. You agree that DreamLadder may, at any time and at its sole discretion, terminate your investment account and/or prevent you from accessing the services for any violation of the agreement with us or any local or international laws.

Under this agreement, DreamLadder agrees to the following statements:

15. DreamLadder will publish the details of brokerage received from the AMCs as required by the law.

16. DreamLadder will facilitate the subscription and redemption of mutual fund units by communicating the instructions to the relevant AMCs. Money will also move from your bank account to the relevant AMC account. We shall not collect your credit card/debit card number, CVV number or expiry date, for any transactions on our website.

17. DreamLadder will quickly respond to your queries relating to your investment account. We can also record your phone calls or emails with our employees for financial and non-financial transactions for legal compliance, security, employee training, and other lawful purposes.

You agree to not dispute and/or hold us responsible for the following reasons:

18. DreamLadder may share your Personal Information, without obtaining prior consent, with government agencies mandated under law to obtain information including sensitive personal data or Personal Information for the purpose of verification of identity, or for prevention, detection, investigation including cyber incidents, prosecution, and punishment of offences.

19. You agree that DreamLadder will not be responsible for any loss (notional or otherwise) incurred because of delays either at the bank, RTAs, or AMCs or because of non-availability or non-accessibility of the website, electronic payment gateway, telephone(s), or office(s) or delay in the authentication of your login credentials or any inaccuracy/typographical error on the website/mobile application or for any reason beyond the control of our company.

Indemnity & Limitation of Remedies:

20. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold DreamLadder and its authorized service providers harmless from and against any and all losses, including legal fees, arising out of or relating to your failure to provide true and accurate information to us or to update the information as required, physical evidence or self-verified scanned documents within the three business days of our request.

21. DreamLadder or its authorized service partners or their respective officers, directors, or employees will not be liable for any action performed or omitted to be performed or for any errors of judgment in relation to my investment account. All authority granted to or limitations of liability of DreamLadder shall include its representatives and those of its authorized service providers as various services are offered or processed through them.

Validity of the agreement and dispute resolution:

22. This “Service Agreement” will be valid till you hold your investment account with us. Either you can close your investment account or company closes your investment account for non-compliance with the Agreement or any applicable laws. Even after termination, we will continue to securely maintain a record of your personal information and financial transactions to fulfill regulatory obligations.

23. The Indian laws will govern this “Service Agreement”. All disputes are subject, firstly, to discussions in good faith, and then to arbitration by a sole arbitrator appointed by DreamLadder. The venue of arbitration will be Mumbai (Maharashtra).